Susan Norrod


  Phone: 269-967-4980


  • 30+ Years Experience
  • Lifelong Resident
  • Success Attributed To Referrals

Agent Profile

I’ve had a passion for Real Estate all of my life.  It started with raking leaves into floor plans in the back yard, to designing homes in school, to becoming the youngest Realtor in Battle Creek when I obtained my license.

With this passion comes a high standard of ethics, knowledge, and the steadfast rule of always being honest.  Sticking to these beliefs makes me  proud to be a Realtor and gives me the opportunity to bring buyers and sellers together and create lots of smiles.

  • My Name Is

    Susan Norrod

  • I am:

    An Energizer Bunny!

  • Troxel is:

    The first place to call when buying or selling a home.

  • Proudest Moment:

    Buying my first home shortly after High School.

  • Biggest Challenge:

    Talking slowly. I tend to talk fast when I get excited, especially when I've found a client the perfect home.

  • Perfect Day:

    Hearing the words"your offer has been accepted"!

  • First Job:


  • Super Hero Power:

    Making people happy.

  • Inspiration:

    My family.