Rahjah Stahlhood


  Phone: 269-986-3780

  Email: stahlhood@troxelrealty.com

Agent Profile

I have been a local resident my entire life and know all areas very well. I am fairly new in the realtor business (2 1/2 years) but I have been dealing with real estate for nearly 5 years. I enjoy helping families achieve their goals, whether it be finding their dream home or selling their current home to move on to a new chapter in life. I feel my personality is a great asset in helping with this process, I work excellent with everyone and go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied as a buyer or a seller.

  • My Name Is

    Rahjah Stahlhood

  • I am:

    Full Of Life.

  • Troxel is:

    The best thing that has happened in my life for a long long time.

  • Proudest Moment:

    Birth of all four of my children.

  • Biggest Challenge:

    Make sure I live one day at a time.

  • Perfect Day:

    80 degrees and playing golf.

  • First Job:

    Quad Movie Theatre

  • Super Hero Power:

    Fly, it would help with all things that need to be done during a day.

  • Inspiration:

    My kids inspire me to be the best person and father I can be.