Melissa Kennedy


  Phone: 269-441-8183


  • 20 Years Experience In Sales And Customer Service.
  • Loving Pug Owner.
  • Battle Creek Area Resident For 20 Years.

Agent Profile

I have worked in customer service for over 20 years.  All different fields from fast food and retail, to insurance and real estate.  I truly love to help people! I look forward to helping people find their Dream Home. Over the years I have moved around the country.  I have lived in three different states and time zones and yet my heart was always here, in Battle Creek. My home.

  • My Name Is

    Melissa Kennedy

  • I am:

    Addicted to Pugs.

  • Troxel is:


  • Proudest Moment:

    The day we signed the papers for our home and didn't have to rent anymore.

  • Biggest Challenge:

    Not taking on other people's problems.

  • Perfect Day:

    Any day I can sit on the porch with my husband and our pug.

  • First Job:

    Cashier at Arby's.

  • Super Hero Power:

    I'm just Me!

  • Inspiration:

    Loved ones inspire me in many different aspects of my life.